Welcome to Marton Care Homes

Marton Care Homes redefines the standard of care, offering not only quality, person-centred support but thriving communities where each individual is seamlessly woven into the fabric of home life.

Our care is as unique as the people we serve – delivered with kindness, empathy, and compassion. The dedicated Marton team is committed to making a significant difference in the quality of life for everyone in our care.

Everyone deserves a break, whether caring for a loved one or seeking care for yourself. Our Respite stays provide the perfect opportunity to unwind in a welcoming environment with expert care tailored to individual needs. Families can relax, knowing their loved ones are in a safe and supportive space, enjoying time with our friendly residents and staff.

Marton Care Homes offers Internet connections and free unlimited Wi-Fi, fostering a sense of community for residents, family members, and visitors alike.

We prioritise the highest levels of dementia care, ensuring residents feel stimulated and secure. Our compassionate care team, with extensive training and experience, creates bespoke care plans, providing access to a variety of social and creative pursuits to promote good mental health and social opportunities.

At Marton Care Homes, we are staunch advocates of diversity, inclusivity, and equality, fostering an environment where every resident is celebrated for their uniqueness. Our commitment extends beyond providing quality care to ensuring that each individual, regardless of background or identity, feels a true sense of belonging within our community.

Our dedicated staff works tirelessly to protect and promote these core values, creating a space where residents are respected, valued, and embraced for who they are. We actively cultivate an atmosphere of understanding and acceptance, ensuring that cultural, religious, and personal preferences are acknowledged and integrated into the fabric of daily life.

Marton Care Homes stands as a testament to the belief that diversity enriches our collective experience, and our team is devoted to upholding these principles with unwavering dedication and care.

Welcome to Marton, where care is personalised, communities thrive, and well-being is at the forefront of everything we do.

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