The annual Marton Care Homes Awards, a prestigious evening dedicated to celebrating the exceptional care staff within the network, was held with great fanfare at the Marriott Hotel in Leeds on February 29th. Angie Hurrell of Wansbeck Care Home was honoured with the esteemed Home Support of the Year award, in recognition of her unwavering dedication and resilience.

Angie Hurrell, celebrated for her 25 years of service at Wansbeck Care Home, has been a beacon of strength and support through numerous transitions and challenges. Her consistent resilience and positive attitude have not only steadied the home during times of change but have also made her an invaluable mentor and support system for her peers.

The award was presented by Kirsty Crozier, Managing Director of Marton Care Homes, and Richard Hoggart, owner, acknowledging Angie’s significant impact on her colleagues and the positive environment she has cultivated at Wansbeck. Her dedication to the home and the well-being of both residents and staff has truly set her apart as a leading figure in the care community.

The ceremony also highlighted the commendable efforts of the other finalists, Jade Leigh from Langley Park Care Home and Sam Urwin from Elm Bank Care Home, who have each shown remarkable dedication and support in their respective roles.

Kirsty Crozier, addressing the attendees, praised Angie’s role at Wansbeck, saying, “Angie embodies the spirit of Marton Care Homes with her unwavering commitment and nurturing presence. She has used her extensive experience to guide and uplift those around her, proving herself to be an indispensable part of our community.”

The Marton Care Homes Awards night, marked by a celebratory champagne reception and the gathering of care professionals in their finest attire, was a resounding tribute to the hard work and dedication of the care staff. Angie Hurrell’s recognition as Home Support of the Year stands as a testament to her invaluable contribution and the profound difference she makes in the lives of many.